Rock Masters Band – March of the Pink Fat Elephants out March 8th 2013!

 Track list:

01. Strange As It Feels
02. Bravado, Bluff And Beauty
03. I’ll Take You Through The Woods
04. Home Remains The Same
05. Travel In Style
06. Instigator
07. Go Alone
08. Taste Acquired
09. State Of The Art
10. One More Bend, Once Again

«We have the simplest tastes. We are always satisfied with the best»

is the progenitor of “tundra rock”, a musical style quite similar to Californian desert rock. RMB is hard-hitting, funny, scary and sexy in equal measure.  The band promotes tundra rock coolness, the melodies of Scandinavian rock scene, arctic psychedelia and mystique.

«We are not trying to reinvent the wheel, just making it roll again.»

RMB´s second album March of the Pink Fat Elephants picks up right where their well-received 2010 debut Taking Liberties left off. The album’s ten songs are packed with dirty guitars, wailing vocals, catchy melodies and – of course –  in-your-face rock ‘n’ roll attitude!

March of the Pink Fat Elephants is the perfect soundtrack for driving around town in the summer when the sun is setting and the night is ready to unveil its secrets. Fans of 60’s-70’s psychedelia and bands like Led Zeppelin, Queens of the Stone Age or The Rolling Stones – do not miss this album!

March of the Pink Fat Elephants will be out in March 8th 2013 via Secret Entertainment.

Check out brand new music video ”Instigator” here:

Gina’s debut album ”Hush” out February 1st 2013

Gina is a Helsinki-based band which was founded in the summer of 2006. The long-awaited debut album will be released by Secret Entertaiment.

Music of Gina could be described as melodic rock, maybe pop and why not heavy not forgetting blues, soul, jazz, tango, humppa and finnish folk. All of these can be heard in the music of Gina if you listen closely enough. The band draws influence from many different genres and does not want to be labeled in just one. Music is a gift for them which they want to share with the world. In the songs there’s always a dramatic story to be told. Surprising elements give soul to the songs and makes you want to listen to them over and over again. This is why Gina has their own distinctive style which has received a lot of positive feedback.


1. Hush
2. Path
3. Kavala
4. Funky
5. Too many
6. Sinun
7. Nasty ho!
8. Sorry
9. Beginning of an end

Erwin Preston – The Pasian

Do you sometimes feel tired in the morning? Do you often have headaches or not? Are you morbidly obese or not obese at all? If one of these symptoms almost describes your current situation it is time for you listen to Erwin Preston Good Ol’ Family Trustworthy Garage Rock – The Pasian.

The massive Hellacoptersness of Catch Me will clear your sinuses and the catchiness of Sigourney Weaver will fill them with rock goodness. Virtuosic backing vocals on Bitch On My Trail will leave you relaxed while the Connery era Bondness of Pizzaface takes you back to the years when real men were really hairy.

The Pasian is oozed from the finest herbs by our team of professionals. Years of touring and testing has given Erwin Preston the knowhow to combine the right amounts of fun and music. Trust our old geezers and the attractive young woman – The Pasian is for you.

Erwin Preston’s debut album will be released in Finland 16th November and abroad 14th December 2012 by Secret Entertainment.

01. Catch Me
02. Sigourney Weaver
03. Bitch On My Trail
04. Scrap Metal
05. Horny
06. Electric Eel
07. Lost My Bikini
08. Complete Control
09. Pain
10. Pizzaface
11. Stone Age Woman

RockMastersBand’s 2nd album to be released by Secret Entertainment!

More haste, less speed! This definitely applies working process of RMB’s 2nd album ”The March of the Pink Fat Elephants” which was started already in March 2011.

The release date is still to be confirmed, but we’re looking forward to putting it out soon.

While waiting for more information, you can visit and listen and download their debut album ”Taking Liberties”.

Silenen debyyttialbumi ”All Our Yesterdays” julkaistaan 20.6.2012

Silene - All Our Yesterdays

01. Silence
02. Darkness Again
03. Septemper
04. Invisible Girl
05. 107 Raven Road (Acoustic Studio Live)
06. I Don’t Belong Here
07. Liberty (Evil Inside)
08. Allure
09. Moonlight (New Moon 2012)
10. Sky
11. Vertigo
12. Outro
13. Silence (Clubdub Mix)

Vuonna 2004 perustettu Silene on Tampereella pääkallopaikkaansa pitävä goottihenkinen yhtye. Silenen tuotanto saa pääasialliset vaikutteensa perinteisestä goottimusiikista, mutta jäsenten omat musiikilliset mieltymykset maustavat biisejä myös punk-, pop- ja klassisen musiikin elementeillä. Ehkä juuri tämä on Silenen suosion syynä, sillä heidän musiikkinsa on helposti lähestyttävää ja miellyttää monia eri tyyleistä pitäviä ihmisiä. Bändillä onkin jo oma vakiintunut kannattajakuntansa ja innokkaita faneja aina Venäjää ja Meksikoa myöten.

Tätä samaa erinomaiseksi todettua musiikillista linjaa noudattaa myös yhtyeen debyyttialbumi ”All Our Yesterdays” (2012), joka tarjoaa maittavan kattauksen bändin musiikillisesta monipuolisuudesta aina uran alkuajoista tähän päivään. Albumin biisien musiikillinen variaatio on huima; herkistä instrumentaaleista aina punkahtavaan goottirokkiin. Silene tekeekin tietoisesti musiikkia joka ei ole liian tiukkojen genrerajojen määrittelemää vaan musiikkia jossa on selkeä ”Silene-soundi”.

Silenen jäsenillä on pitkä historia bänditoiminnan uralla. He ovat soittaneet useiden erilaisten yhtyeiden riveissä, alkaen varhaisen punk-aikakauden Marionetista, Kuolleista Kukista ja Fucking Finlandista, aina goottipiireissä tunnetuihin nimiin kuten Fury Raven, Dancing Golem, Suruaika ja Two Witches.

Madison Roamin debyyttialbumi ulkona keskiviikkona 23.5.2012.

Madison Roam - s/t


1. Lost
2. Mary-Lou
3. Dreamer
4. Welcome to The Show
5. Saving You
6. Dicks Song
7. One Last Time
8. Pink Void
9. Drifter

Lahdessa vuonna 2009 perustettu Madison Roam julkaisee debyyttialbuminsa Secret Entertainmentin kautta keskiviikkona 23.5.2012. Luvassa on yhdeksän kappaletta rockia höystettynä melankolisella fiilistelyllä sekä popahtavilla melodioilla.

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