Urban DANCE FLOOR HIT by Finnish dark pop band Rain Diary!

Nominated director Juha Lankinen has visualised a highly provocative music video that draws inspiration from David Lynch to author Anthony de Mello and creates a perverted scene where lust binds grinding relationship with the search of lost identity.


Rain Diary – Shame (Official Uncensored) from Falsum Production on Vimeo.


Rain Diary is a Finnish dark wave band that combines rock into somewhat danceable tunes. The band’s debut album The Lights Are Violent Here were nominated number 1 alternative debut album in Emma Awards (Finnish Grammy) polling and has been praised by many critiques.

Here are few quotations of the brand new single Shame:

“A dance floor flirt ‘Shame’ combines Depeche Mode vibes into a stadium rock sound where one can also sense and predict forthcoming hits.” Mika Roth.

“The most obvious hit is ‘Shame’ that would easily do justice for many high-profile artists.” Joni Juutilainen.