Introducing: Forwardman; This Ain´t No Rocket Science

Secret Entertaiment is proud to present their latest protégé Forwardman, a Helsinki based rock act, created by singer-songwriter Sakari Viittala.

Forwardman has been building up towards the release of the debut album ”This Ain´t No Rocket Science” since May 2014 when the first single ”Twenty-Six” from the record was released. Described as ”western styled drive pop glow” by Mark Barton (The Sunday Experience, Liverpool, UK) the single received uplifting reviews by music bloggers in the UK, Finland and few other countries. The video of the song has unique idea and an international look:

After releasing a second single titled “Houses” alongside with a musicvideo in October, Forwardman started a collaboration with Secret Entertainment in the late of 2014.

About the record:

Showcasing Sakari Viittala´s ability as a diverse and stylistically coherent songwriter ”This Ain´t No Rocket Science” moves around the alternative-rock genre offering a musically interesting, versatile and balanced album.

Explosive guitar riffs and reckless musical energy in songs ”Against the wheel”, “Heal” and “Cure” bring to mind the likes of Muse and The Television. Lighter numbers ”Houses” and ”Plan c” offer a more oblique perspective into that persistent human need to understand one´s journey and purpose. A sense of threat haunts throughout the record lingers through even in the quieter songs such as ”Invisible” and the epic closing song ”Two Suns”.

When digging deeper still, you wonder if song-titles reminiscent of each other (“Cure”, “Heal”) hint that this might be a concept album. Viittala´s lyrics often depict individuals in the whirlpool of life, amongst pressures of modern society. Vulnerable but fearless vocal delivery adds to the lyrical content and intensifies the driven feel of the music. As the record slowly uncovers its layers it confirms the notion that the album title is of a sarcastic nature.

The album was recorded by Mauno Oikarinen in numerous exotic environments including various theatre buildings, studios and even the producer’s own sauna. Favouring the DIY mentality the record was mixed by Mauno Oikarinen and Sakari Viittala.

Here´s a video for the opening track of the album, ”Against The Wheel”.

This Ain´t No Rocket Science is out 30.1.2015 in all digital stores!
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